I'm in the process of upgrading from squarespace 5 to squarespace 6. However, I've just learned that I have to make a whole new site to do so... That's rather frustrating, but I'll take it as an opportunity to freshen things up.

Please bear with me as I migrate over to the new blog. I'm told it should automatically bring everything over to the new address and even update the links I used in those posts to link to the corresponding post on the new site. Ain't technology grand?


Please update all your bookmarks and whatnots. I can now be found at!


Music Monday: The Book of Mormon

Yesterday a big group of my friends and I headed over to Detroit to see The Book of Mormon. It was amazing, hilarious, uncomfortable, surprisingly touching and catchy as hell. I wish the Toronto tickets hadn't sold out, like, instantly! I definitely want to see it again sometime.



Weekend Wishlist - Kate Spade: Spring 2013

I'm ready for spring.
It technically started on Wednesday but it doesn't feel like it yet.
I'm ready for pastels. Ok, so I wore them all winter but I am ready to see them more often.
I'm ready for florals.
I'm ready for light jackets instead of heavy long coats that cover everything.
I'm ready for bare legs and no socks.
I am just so ready.
I love everything about what I see in this video for this collection. The colours, the bold prints, the cuts.
I'll take one of each item in size fat please!

Friday Foto Roundup: March 8 - March 21


Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday: Stage Manager Swag

I've been involved in community theatre in my town since I moved back here almost 4 years ago but for the most part I've been on the stage. This play is my first time delving into the production team aspect of it and I am nervous but mostly excited.

I searched high and low on Pinterest for tips and tricks about stage managing and after reading countless memes about the tech crew in their all black attire, I headed for Polyvore for a little fun.


Stage Manager Swag


Oversized top
20 CAD -


Acne stretch jeans
215 CAD -


TOMS suede shoes
100 CAD -


Givenchy bangle bracelet
680 CAD -


Tatty devine
61 CAD -


John galliano
1,995 CAD -


9.20 CAD -


Stud earrings
4.63 CAD -


Tech accessory
415 CAD -


BHCosmetics beauty product
41 CAD -






I had been thinking for a while that I needed a change. Inspiration. A new spark.

I love blogging but I often feel I'm "not doing it right". Feeling uninspired and uninspiring. I needed a blogging spirit guide. I started re-reading one of my favourite people - Gala Darling's blog from the very first post. I'm still working my way through the 439 pages of beautiful content. I knew I needed to shake things up a bit.

These thoughts about change and inspiration were strongest last night.

I tried to compose a blog post explaning my feelings but words were failing me so I just logged off.

I woke up this morning to find 3 blogging spirit guides calling out to me.

The Blogcademy.

Gala Darling announced that they were going on a world tour and one of their stops would be in Toronto.

This is it.

The thought of going freaked me out. What if I was awkard. What if I wasn't a good enough blogger. What if afterwards I STILL wasn't.

That's how I knew I had to do it.




11 things on the 11th: March 2013

The 11 things I am doing on February 11th 2013:

Eating a piece of Lindt Excellence Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate.
Drinking green tea.
Craving chocolate covered potato chips.
Reading a bunch of digital magazines I got FREE on my iPad thanks to my new library card.
Listening to the first day's entry in the 21-day Meditation Challenge.
Watching a really annoying couple on 'Love it or List it'.
Surfing -- I've been on a mission to work my way through the entire blog from the very first entry.
Wearing black rubber boots with pink & purple flowers on them.
Making faces at my niece.
Noticing that it feels like spring is right around the corner!
Lusting after these Hot Pink Sequined Minnie Mouse Ears.


Friday Foto Roundup: March 1 - March 7



tHaulsday: Lush Skincare & Haircare Haul

Winter has really been taking a toll on my poor face and hair so it's about time I started whipping them into shape for spring.

I picked up (well picked them up off my porch after I ordered them online) the following products that I'll hope will do the trick.

After using these regularly for the remainder of March, I'm hoping to write up a review on how they did or didn't work out for me.


Hearts of the Month: February 2013

It's a few days late but boy have I got four great videos and an awesome article to share!



Article: Group of Men Have Played Game of Tag for 23 Years...